Conserve The Point

150 acres of undisturbed barrier island

Topsail Sound

Open to the Atlantic Ocean with Topsail Island on the right and Lea Island on the left. Open to fishing, but also hurricanes.

Town of Topsail Beach

The southern most of the three towns on the island where developments stops and nature is undisturbed.

Current Residents

Birds, foxes, and turtles roam freely away from cars, lights, and civilization.

If you have ever been to the south end of Topsail Island chances are you have memories centered around "The Point."

Maybe your memories are of taking a walk all the way around from the ocean beaches to the sound side waterway… or maybe you remember casting your line from the tip of the island? Future generations may not have the opportunity to make these memories. A Raleigh-based business executive has applied for a zoning change to allow him to build a “private family compound” in the middle of the south end of Topsail Beach known locally as “The Point.” If this zoning change goes through the landscape at the end of the island will be forever changed. But together we can do something to preserve this special place for future generations, giving them the space to make their own memories.


We are a volunteer group of community-based citizens focused on protecting “The Point”. This 150 acre treasure is home to birds, turtles, and other wildlife. It is used daily by residents and visitors. It is a treasure that needs to be protected and preserved for future generations.
Based on numerous studies and reports, this southern end of Topsail Island has been off-limits to development.

Local residents were surprised to get notice of a proposed zoning change that will grant a wealthy new owner the ability to build a 30 acre private family compound. This private group started with a Facebook page (link below). This website is an extension of that page allowing a single source for historical information, public hearings, official public contacts, and the collective efforts of this group.

Our Conserve The Point Fact Sheet and Position Statement is now posted.  Read it here.


 Final Conserve The Point Fact Sheet – May 2023

Help Wanted!

We are working to organize our response.  If you have experience in similar circumstances, have expertise which might help our cause, or wish to contribute in some way please send us an email.         [email protected]


Join Us!  Help Conserve the Point!

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