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Meetings and Events – Visit the Town website for all meeting notices, agendas, and minutes.

August 9, 2024 – Town Board of Commissioners meeting. Agenda will be posted on the Town website. 


Call to Action – Attend the Board of Commissioners’ meeting on August 9, 2023. See above.  Can’t attend the meeting then please send your comments regarding the Olson application.

Contact them on the Town website here.

Here are some suggested comments: Introduce yourself and state whether you are a town resident, property owner or vacationer to Topsail Beach. Thank the Board of Commissioners for asking tough questions and sticking to the timeline for the Public Hearing in September. Urge them to uphold the Planning Board’s unanimous recommendation to deny the request to rezone the Point for development. State that this was a wise decision that is in the best interests of the town, its residents, economy and culture. Urge the BOC to do the same and to move forward on the application without delay. Applaud their commitment to our town and its future and preserving the protecting the south-end of Topsail Beach.

*July 24, 2023 – Town Board of Commissioners, Special Meeting on Conditional Zoning Application 3:00 pm. Town Hall. The Commissioners placed new conditions on the Olson’s rezoning application. Read the 07-24-2023_Staff_Report to view the conditions.  Watch the meeting video on the Town website.
*July 12, 2023 – Town Board of Commissioners, 6:00 pm. The Olson conditional rezoning application was on the agenda.  Click here for the agenda, which includes the supporting documents along with a staff report. Listen to the meeting here. 
*June 14, 2023- Town Board of Commissioners, 10:00am, Agenda:  Find the agenda and recording here
*May 24, 2023 – Planning Board Meeting, 10:00 AM, Assembly Building
The Town Planning Board unanimously voted no to reject the rezoning application submitted by Todd Olson. They have completed their work and will forward their recommendation to the Board of Commissioners, who are responsible for the final decision. 

*May 3, 2023 – Planning Board Meeting, 10:00 AM, Assembly Building

Public Hearing on the Conditional Rezoning Application submitted by Mr. Todd Olson. No decision made at this meeting. Watch the meeting video 

*March 27, 2023 – Planning Board Meeting, 10:00 AM, Assembly Building

Olson team presented their revised plan to Topsail Town Planning board for review.

Documents:  See the Town of Topsail Beach website and Planning Board agenda to access all of the documents from various state and federal agencies about the proposed development. Here is a link to the documents.

Missed the Meeting?  Watch the video.



  • Attend the meetings if you can.
  • Speak up about your concerns. You can submit comments prior to the meeting or speak during the public comment section of the meeting. Submit your comments to public officials. Your letters may be read at the meeting and are entered into the public record and can be viewed online.
  • Signs, t-shirts, and a large group attending meetings will let our elected and appointed officials see the lack of support and opposition to this project.
  • If you have state or federal contacts that might support our efforts, please share this information and encourage them to contact us.

  • Share this site and our efforts with your family and friends who have a connection to “The Point” or to Topsail Island.

  • Sign the Petition to Conserve the Point!

David vs Goliath

We are an unfunded group of concerned citizens battling against an individual with substantial financial resources.  Mr. Olson and his team did a great deal of work behind the scenes before the pubic had any knowledge of his efforts or intentions.  His path to success is straight forward:  Zoning changes, building permits, construction, and completion.  If this is approved, further development and the complete loss of this serene natural habit will be unstoppable.


Our path to prevent this development requires action from citizens who share our concerns.  We need loud voices from the public.  Environmental, wildlife, and coastal  impacts from this project are all negative.  We need support from commercial and recreational fishermen.  Anyone who is impacted by this project needs to contact the officials at the Town of Topsail.  We are hoping to get support from some of the large non-profit environmental organizations.  


If our combined efforts can halt the Olson project, there is a large follow-on task.   The same individuals and groups opposing this project will need to work together to raise funds for a public trust entity to purchase the property and protect The Point for future generations.


The future of “The Point” is in the hands of elected and appointed officials at the Town of Topsail.  Their legacy will be tied to this project.  Will they be the ones who allowed money and power to go against public opinion and environmental studies to build a family compound?  Our request is they review  existing/past scientific research data, respect the forever changing impact of hurricanes,  and listen to the public.   There are financial benefits to the town, but those benefits come with new liabilities and the loss of something that cannot be replaced.  Our hope is they are remembered and respected as public officials who protected this rare piece of undisturbed coastal landscape.


Become A Volunteer Today!

We always need volunteers to help with public awareness, events, research, and more! Hours are flexible and can meet your own schedule. And you don’t have to be a full-time resident either.  Please complete the survey to let us know what you might like to do and our Volunteer Coordinators will be back in touch with you soon!

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